Artists Leather Satchel – The best gift I had in years!

Artists Leather Satchel – The best gift I had in years!

perfect artists cartoonists gift
   Just unwrapped on Christmas morning!

What do you want for Christmas?

My wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas, but nothing really sprang to mind apart from the usual socks, book, pens, pencils, which I already have in abundance. She kept chipping away at me during early December, “Have you thought of anything I can get you?” I always drew a blank.

During the first week of December I had a cartooning project for Brass band England, an organization representing the brass bands across the country. Every time I worked on the project, there was always something I couldn’t find. Where had I put the sketches, where were my pens, where were the watercolor pencils? After much searching, cursing and time wasting, I would eventually find the missing item. Then it struck me. The perfect Christmas gift – something portable to carry everything I need in one place.

artists leather satc hel interior
   Plenty of space and compartments to keep my cartooning pens, pencils, sketchbooks – all in one place – Available on Amazon here

After scouring the ‘net’, I decided I would like something I could carry over my shoulder that had enough space and compartments to carry and subdivide paper, pens, inks and other drawing paraphernalia. Leather was a requirement as I am trying my best to stop using plastic.

Back to school days!

When I was a kid everyone had a leather school satchel. Everyone except me, as my parents were skint most of the time. Time to get retro and own what they could never afford. I settled on a decent sized leather satchel. Most were a ridiculous price, and I figured that leather is leather. The inflated price tag of most satchels on the market was Dick Turpin doing his worst!

artists leather satchel
Large back zip pocket and side pen pockets

I found one that had everything I needed and the price was very reasonable. My wife ordered it and was happy. When I opened it on Christmas Day, I was absolutely delighted. There is nothing quite like the smell of new leather and the satchel was perfect. I can fit my drawing stuff and sketch pads into it withb room to spare.  There are also five outer pockets for pens, pencils and anything else I need to stow away – Perfect!

You might not like the look of this artists leather satchel but it does a great job!

The design might not be to your taste, but the practicality of it is what made it the perfect gift for a cartoonist or any artist. There are many more styles available that may suit you better (follow this link).

I now have everything in one place. I can start work straight away without the usual frustrating search. It’s portable, so I can take it anywhere and with the generous adjustable shoulder strap I can hang it up, leaving more shelf space.

Artists Leather Satchel – Best Christmas present I have had in years – I absolutely love it!