Procartoon Prize Draw - 15th April 2018 - Winner - Lowri Davies

The winner of the April Draw with a prize of this superb LAMY Calligraphy pen set is Lowri Davies from Cwmbach in South Wales U.K.. If you would like to be entered in future draws please sign up for the monthly Procartoon Newsletter

Podcast #4 - Your questions answered

There has been a bundle of listeners sent in to Procartoon. i have devoted this episode to answering as many as possible…

What are the best watercolor pencil sets?

I use watercolor pencils in conjunction with traditional brushwork. Why? Because it gives me do much extra scope and precision. Here are my thoughts on the best watercolor sets currently on the market…

Procartoon Podcast #3

Where to find great cartoon ideas when your mind has gone blank and you are on a tight deadline…Another way to turn your cartoons into a viable product and I show you a deadly sales pitch…My thoughts on the XP-Pen Deco 01 Drawing pad and much more in this edition of the podcast.