Which are the best soft chalk pastel brands for artists?

best soft chalk pastel brands5 best chalk pastels for beginners and professional artists 

If you a professional artist who uses pastels  these best soft chalk pastel brands may suit your artistic talents.  Pastels have been in use for centuries and are a valuable asset to any artists ‘tool kit’.  

You can create some really beautiful colors, shades and effects with chalk pastels that you can’t achieve with watercolor paint and pencils.  Chalk pastels can also be used to enhance existing watercolor artwork and when you consider the cost per pastel they are very reasonable.

Here are five high rated chalk pastel sets for you to consider with FAQ’s at the end of the review: best soft chalk pastel brands

72-piece-pro-art-square-artist-pastelPro Art Square Artist chalk Pastel Set, 72  Colors in a Wooden Box

A great spectrum of colors to chose giving you plenty of scope with your artwork.  Each chalk pastel is located separately in it’s own slot within a secure wooden box, making them easy to  see use and store.  

This would make a great set for a professional artist or beginner and is attractively packaged – ideal as a gift.   

  • Deep rich pigments
  • Super blending qualities
  • Soluble in water to use as a water-colour
  • Secure in sectioned trays
  • Large range of colors
  • Non-toxic

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munyo-64-assorted-colors-square-chalkMungyo Soft Chalk Pastel Set of 64 Colors 

Large range of colored chalk pastels which are displayed in groups of color bands.  

Each pastel is housed in its own slot within a secure plastic carrier that makes it easy to see all the colors instantly and for easy storage.

  • Pure and vibrant colors
  • Great blending qualities
  • Can be dissolved and used as/with watercolor
  • Pastels contained in a slotted plastic tray 
  • Large range of colors
  • Non-toxic

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pro-art-48-piece-soft-drawing-chalk-pastels-setPro Art 48 piece Soft Drawing Chalk Pastels 

This is a cut down version of the Pro Art 72 set without the box.  if you are looking for a medium ‘no frills’ set of quality chalk pastels then this could be the right set to go for.  

As with the larger set the chalk pastels are high quality but the down side is that you have to find your own container to store the pastels.

  • Superb color pigment
  • Great beginner or student set
  • Beautiful blend qualities
  • Soluble
  • Good range of different colors
  • Non-toxic

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Loew-cornell-24-piece-chalk-pastelLoew-Cornell 24 piece Chalk Pastels set

Although there are only 24 chalk pastels in this set the very low price makes this extremely attractive for beginners, students and processionals.  

This is a no nonsense set with a nice range of the basic colours that you would need.  

A great starter set or a top up to an existing set.

  • Good range of basic colours 
  • Perfect for children, beginner or student
  • Great blending properties
  • Soluble
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Non-toxic

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48-piece-sargent-set-chalk-pastelsSargent Art Color Square Pastels – set of 48

This is a mid sized set containing high quality chalk pastels.  The inclusion of additional white and black pastels is well thought out with the artist in mind plus there is the inclusion of skin tone.  

This is the most highly rated set of chalk pastels in this review with 95% of customers grading at 4+ Amazon star rating.  There is also a larger 144 piece set available (image below).

  • Pastels are slightly softer than normal but blend superbly
  • Vibrant range of colours
  • Soluble
  • Exceptionally good value for the quality
  • Non toxic

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best soft pastel brandsSo which are the best  soft chalk pastel brands for your artistic talents?

For a beginner or a top up set for a professional artist the Loew-Cornell 24 piece set is probably the way to go.  

If you are well vested in the use of pastels then either the very highly rated Sargent chalk pastel sets (48 or 144 piece) would be the obvious choice.  

If it is a gift you are seeking or need a ready made container to securely store your chalk pastels you may wish to consider thePro Art 72 piece Set with Wooden Box.

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