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Artists with exceptional talent uncovered!

Aaron blaise concept art

When I see some exceptional work being created by other artists on the internet I like to share on  I have just added a new page on the site ‘Other Artists’ located on the main menu where you can find articles and links to some great artists that inspire me.  Whenever I see new exceptional talent I will add it to this section of the site for your information and enjoyment.  Here are a couple of the best artists…

Forest Queen by Aaron Blaise

Aaron Blaise

Aaron Blaise is a fine art come cartoonist come animator at the very highest level.  I came across his website and fantastic work when researching Photoshop tips and tricks.  if you use Photoshop for your graphic art he takes you into his world behind the scenes in a very laid back style.  His artwork from the natural world is sublime and his creature creations which he finds by looking at clouds is simply amazing.  He is very down to earth in his approach and you will get some superb tips and ideas from his free and paid video tutorials – See article on Aaron Blaise for more information…

Beautiful Night – Tenby by Dorian Spencer Davies

Dorian Spencer Davies

Dorian from Carmarthen in South Wales, UK has a style which is part cartoon, part painting with a splash of ‘Under Milk Wood’.  Vibrant colors beautifully illustrate the beaches, coastline and quirky towns of South and West Wales – a stunning little corner of the British Isles.  His technique of water-color overlaid with pastels is something I had not considered before for my own artwork.  After trying this technique I am totally sold on it as it makes the colors leap off the page with pure vibrant magic.  See article on Dorian Spencer Davies for more information…

If you discover an artist of exceptional talent who you think might be of interest to other readers or perhaps you would like to be featured on  please contact me here