5 recommended portable desktop drawing boards

Top Five Desktop Drawing Boards for Artists
desktop-and -laptop-drawing-boards-for-artistsMany artists, professionals and beginners alike, know the true value of a drawing board. Whether or not you use one on a regular basis, a portable drawing board (or portable drafting board)  is an excellent tool to have on hand. Some even consider a drawing board to be a necessity. But how do you pick the right one when there are so many types of boards to choose from?

For instance, are you looking for a drawing board that is mainly for use on a tabletop, or are you hoping more for something that can be used as a lap drawing board? There are also plain clip board styles and drafting boards or tables with parallel bars.  Some quite heavy and meant to stay in one location while others are lightweight drawing boards. To make your decision a bit easier, check out this list of the top five drawing boards on the market:

martin-portable-art-studio-drawing-sketch-boardMartin Portable Art Studio Drawing Sketch Board – Adjustable Drawing Board

  • Large 20-inch by 26-inch high resin particleboard that prevents breakage during use
  • Weighs approximately 6 pounds
  • Comfortable handle for carrying
  • Double clip to hold block, pad, painting surface, and other media
  • Six-position stand with adjustable height
  • Works best on tabletop
  • Extremely portable

Pros: Solid construction; portable, sturdy on flat surfaces; easy to clean; includes grips that protect surface on which drawing board sits; stores well and easily
Cons: Double clip instead of one longer one; adjustable stand doesn’t angle past a 30 degree tilt.
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sax-carry-all-portable-drawing-boardSax Carry-All Portable Drawing Board – 26 x 23 ¾ Inches – Black

  • 26-inch by 23.75-inch of strong, durable hardboard
  • Weighs approximately 3 pounds
  • Cut-out handle on one side
  • Two spring-loaded clips and a wide rubber band to secure paper
  • Works well as a lap-desk
  • Extremely portable

Pros: Sturdy construction; spring-loaded clips secure paper without creasing; good handle; easy to clean
Cons: Slightly bulky – surface area might be a bit too large (possibly an advantage!)
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darice-18-x-18-inch-masonite-sketch-boardDarice 18 by 18-Inch Masonite Sketch Board

  • 18-inch by 18-inch Masonite board that holds media of up to 11-inches by 14-inches
  • Weighs approximately 2 pounds
  • Cut-out handle on one side
  • ABS clip on top of board and a wide rubber band that holds drawing pad or sheet of paper in place
  • Durable and easy to clean surface features a smooth Marlite coating that allows for the use of a write on / wipe off magic marker
  • Works well as a lap-desk
  • Extremely portable

Pros: ABS clip is gentle to paper and other media; lightweight; portable; great for use on lap
Cons: Shiny white drawing surface causes glare in certain sun conditions; slightly flimsy board
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koh-i-noor-portable-drawing-boardKoh-I-Noor Portable Drawing Board or Drawing Head Portable Drawing Board

  • 14.75-inch by 19.5-inch plastic board for media of up to 11-inches by 17-inches
  • Weighs approximately 3 1/2 pounds
  • Includes vinyl carrying case with handle
  • Three corner clamps on board help secure media
  • Reversible feet tilt the drawing surface in increments of 15 degrees, or locks at any angle, if desired
  • Graduated in inches with graduated scales on top and side of board
  • Lockable transparent straightedge locks into any position along guiderail (protractor included)
  • Works best on tabletop
  • Extremely portable

Pros: Versatile enough for use in the field or studio; lightweight; easy to use; portable; ability to lock paper into any position; quality carrying case
Cons: Plastic board; not user friendly for those who are left-handed
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staedler-drafting-machine-drawing-boardStaedtler Drafting Machine Drawing Board Mars Tecnico A3 Size ST661-A3

  • 14.9-inch by 20.5-inch plastic board
  • Weighs approximately 3 pounds
  • Includes carrying case with handle, strap, and pouch
  • Graduated in inches with graduated scales on bottom and side of board
  • Straightedge equipped with double lock system that locks into any position along guide-rail
  • Works best on tabletop
  • Extremely portable

Pros: Quality carrying case; lightweight; portable; double lock system on straightedge – altogether a pretty decent drafting board with parallel bar.
Cons: Lack of clips to secure media; medium weight plastic board.
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Which desktop/ lap-top drawing board is the best for you?

As you can see, the five drawing boards mentioned are each unique in their own way. They vary in size, weight, usability, and much more. Perhaps you’ve been on the lookout for a quality tabletop drawing board – if so, consider the Martin Portable Drawing Board, as it is top notch in quality, is of ideal size, and comes equipped with an adjustable stand – in effect a collapsable drafting table!

However, if you have been in search of a good drawing board that performs well as a lap-desk, check out the Darice Drawing Board, as it is of good quality, has an excellent clip to secure paper, and acts as both a drawing board and a white board. Whichever item you choose, you will be well on your way to learning the true value of a quality drawing board.

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