– Introduction to our cartoon site

nezzy cartoonistnezzy cartoonist aged 6Hi there,

I’m Rob Nesbitt A.K.A. ‘Nezzy’ and have been learning how to draw a cartoon ever since I was big enough to lift up a pencil (photo left age 6 – pretending to look intelligent!). I am a published cartoonist, have illustrated and written children’s books and created thousands of cartoons and designs for wall murals, coaches, leaflets, web sites, tee shirts and just about anything else you can think of that a cartoon can appear on. I live with wife Joanna, who does all the boring stuff (admin and bills!), two kids, two cats and a pen to draw with! I used to be in the fire service but retired in 2008 after 30 years of squirting water about and now run a fire safety business and draw cartoons (that’s me now on the right 50 years later, without Granny’s scratchy, itchy knitted jumper, still trying to look intelligent!!!).

The main emphasis of the site is to look at cartoon and graphic artists tools of the trade with in depth reviews of graphics tablets, pencils,pens, paints and other materials products connected with the artists work.

president-abraham-lincoln-attempted assassination cartoon

Interesting blog posts with cartoon illustrations

To spice up pro I will add topical blog posts illustrated with my cartoons.   I also look at other artists and their work such as the fantastic Aaron Blaise who uses clouds to create some amazing cartoon illustrations.  These are some of the themes for blog pages that I have added and I will be on the lookout for more interesting subjects to make any artists visit to pro an interesting and engaging experience.  If you are an arty type and have some interesting information that would benefit other cartoonists and graphic designers visiting the site please contact me and I will try to include either a link or will create a blog (no spammers please).

Hints on drawing equipment

I will also give you the heads up on the tools I use to create cartoons. I have spent bucket loads of money trying out different pens, pencils, drawing boards, books, graphics tablets and drawing software…the list goes on emptying my wallet!!! I appreciate that everyone has their own personal choice but I can offer some advice and recommendations so that you won’t have to go on the breadline to get the right pen. More…

Last but not least I hope you enjoy

Thanks Rob.