5 Best buy drawing tablets

5 beat buy drawing tabletsWhat is the Best Tablet to Buy? – Drawing Tablets for All Digital Artists

Choosing the right drawing tablet all comes down to each digital artist’s personal choice.

Some want an indirect pad, while others prefer a direct pad. Some are looking for that one tablet that comes with the best software so that they are ready to go right out of the gate. Others just want something simple to start them out in the world of digital artwork.

Figure out which tablet is the one for you by scrolling through this list of five best buy drawing tablets, each holding a specific title as being in our opinion the top choice in their particular class.

BEST ENTRY-LEVEL TABLET: Wacom Intuos Art Pen and Touch digital graphics, drawing  tablet

best buy drawing tablets wacom art

Wacom have a range of small and medium indirect draw tablets that are absolutly ideal for entry level as they are inexpensive, high quality and software is included.  This is a great package to start with and I have recently purchased the Intuos Art medium which comes with downloadable Corel Painter Essentials drawing and painting software.   There is also access to online tutorials, a free 8×10 metal photo print, and an 8×8 Shutterfly Photo Album.

best buy graphics drawing tablets entry level wacom intuos art comic photo draw

There are four tablets in this range – Art, Comic, Photo, and Draw which are basically the same tablets but with different software to suit each style of drawing.  I bought the Intuos Art because I wanted to try out the Corelpainter Essentials software.  I have most of the other software available with each different model and they all work seamlessy as do PhotoShop (CS & Elements) Sketchbook Pro and all other main graphics software brands.

Out of the box the tablet is simple to set up with an installation disc that is easy to follow.  If you are looking for the best buy drawing tablets the intuos range are the front runners with small tablets at under $100 and medium tablets at under $200.

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Cintiq 22HD the best drawing tablet on the marketBEST ALL ROUND TABLET IN THE CINTIQ LINE: Wacom Cintiq 22HD 

The Wacom Cintiq 22HD is the perfect tablet for the most professional digital cartoonists. The highlight of this tablet is its direct pad that allows for the most natural and most real feel — the closest thing to actually drawing on paper. Numerous ExpressKeys and various other buttons, all of which are customizable, easily boost productivity by eliminating the need to always keep a keyboard close at hand.

The surface of the 22HD is the best and brightest in the entire Cintiq line, allowing for a natural, fluid, and comfortable drawing experience. The paper-like active area is the ideal size and when matched with the included pen allows for excellent pressure sensitivity, registering even the lightest of strokes with the utmost precision. The 22HD is the absolute best all-around tablet in the Cintiq line, exceeding all others with its many capabilities and overall versatility that can achieve even the toughest of jobs.  It is, in our opinion the best tablet on the market for build, features, screen size and value for money.  See the Latest Price for the Cintiq 22HD Right Here…

If you are looking for a mobile Cintiq which you do not need to attach to a PC or Mac – see my article on the Wacom Cintiq Studio Pro 13″ and 16″ graphics drawing tablets which allows you freedom of movement without compromising the precision and high quality that you would expect from Wacom.

HUION GT 220 best tablets on the market under $800BEST 22” TABLET UNDER $800: Huion GT-220

If you don’t have the financial means to get your hands on a Wacom Cintiq 22HD, the Huion GT-220 has proven to be the best alternative.  

It’s satisfying both beginners and professionals with high quality and an affordable price when compared to Wacom’s higher-end tablets.

Thanks to this tablet’s ultra-wide viewing angle, artists can create widescreen content with ease. Despite the large display, the GT-220 maintains extreme portability.

The best asset of the GT-220 is its screen — between the tones, colors, and overall brightness, it’s gorgeous, making it an absolute pleasure to create with. This tablet does not come without its fair share of cons.

Some users have had installation and driver issues, while others have complaints about the incompatibility with certain creative software and the poor placement of cables. That being said, no product is without its issues, so whether this tablet would work for you is generally a matter of preference.  

However it is one of the best tablets on the market in terms of size and price!  See the Latest Price for the Huion GT-220 Right Here…

WACOM BAMBOO CAPTURE PEN AND TOUCH refurbished under $50BEST TABLET UNDER $50: Wacom CTH470 Bamboo Capture (Certified Refurbishment)

The Bamboo Capture is one of the best indirect pad drawing tablets currently on the market.

If you’re just starting out and aren’t sure whether you’d like working with a tablet, this is another of the best graphics tablets for beginners.

The certified refurbishment is the way to go, as it maintains the same quality and overall configuration as does the brand new version — better yet, each refurbished product is approved by Wacom.

The Bamboo Capture easily suits the traveling artist, thanks to its sleek design, making it ultra-portable. As nearly all, if not all, Wacom tablets do, the Bamboo Capture features four customizable ExpressKeys that can be used for shortcuts.

Another unique feature that boosts productivity is the multi-touch feature that allows for simple hand gestures, such as swipe, zoom, rotate, and scroll.

The sleek, natural-feeling surface provides ample size for even the hardest of tasks, along with enough pressure sensitivity to allow for even the most precise strokes.  See the latest price for this tablet right here…

wacom intros pen and touch small drawing tablet with software bundleBEST VALUE WITH SOFTWARE BUNDLE: Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Small Drawing Tablet

The Wacom Intuos includes many of the features that the Bamboo Capture is known for. The biggest difference between the two of these tablets is the software bundle.

The Intuos comes equipped with the best software bundle by far, giving the consumer the absolute best bang for their buck. Included with the tablet are four major creative applications, all of which contain the full version — not a trial version.

These creative programs give you all that is needed to begin creating quality work right out of the box. If you’re considering the Bamboo Capture, also try taking a close look at the Intuos. As long as you don’t mind throwing a few more dollars at this tablet in exchange for some of the best software for graphic design, you are sure not to be disappointed.  See the Latest Price Right Here…

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