Digital writing perfected – Wacom Bamboo Slate smartpad

wacom bamboo slate smartpad digital writing sketchingThe New Bamboo Slate Smartpad is a digital writing tool that is perfect for any artist.  You can capture ideas, notes and  sketches anywhere you like and transfer them to your devices fore storage and further development.  
So portable and easy to use this can enhance your notebook and with a large capacity of note pages there is virtually no limit to what you can do.  The beauty is that you can continue to use your favourite note book and the pen picks up your stroke action and captures it on the device while you still write and draw conventinally on the paper pad.
If you are thinking of moving paper to electronics records this invaluable device is a real asset. The smartpad allows to you export your notes as JPG, PNG, PDF or WILL files and syncronise with cloud services such as Inkspace, Dropbox®, Evernote®, and OneNote®.
wacom bamboo slate smartpad digital writing Key Features:
  • Capture your notes and sketches on any paper
  • Transfer to your device
  • Converts handwritten notes into text
  • Works across Ios and Android devices 
  • Smart ball pen with touch and twist mechanism
  • Convenient pen and notepad storage
  • Multi function button feature
  • Micro USB cherger port
  • Available in two sizes Din A4 and Din A5
  • Free Inkspace basic subsctiption
  • 5Gb storage – 6000  pages of notes
  • Sync pages accross devices
  • Access files in the cloud

Digital Writing and sketching made easy – see the video below for more information.


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