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wacom studio pro graphics drawing tablet review

Wacom Studio Pro 13″ and 16″ Stand Alone Graphics Drawing Tablets – Pricey but Very Nicey!

This has to be the ultimate mobile studio for any artist.  Two sizes and a choice of processors and storage.  A superb piece of kit for the serious cartoonist and artist [More…]

Looking for the perfect gift for an artist or just want to treat yourself?

Here are 10 gift ideas to find that perfect present [More…]

Make Your own Art Prints and Package them easily and professionally to Sell [More…]


Free cartoons for bloggers and web site owners New Free Resource from Procartoon!


Sourcing images for your Blog or Web Site can be a real pain in the neck. I have hundreds of cartoons that I have used for various projects, doodles and practice that have never seen the light of day. If you are looking for some cartoon images for your site that you can legally use take a look at my cartoons which you can download and use on your site [More…]

Give Your Art A 3D Makeover –  How to Create Quick And Easy Blurred Backgrounds With Photoshop and Abraham Lincoln! [More…]




halloween-wizard-cartoon 2How do you find original cartoon ideas and fun things to draw? – How to make great cartoons from simple pencil drawings easy

Check out our cartooning tips section to get some of your own original ideas, create a drawing practice exercise, or perhaps you need some ideas to help you become a professional cartoonist.  Take a look at our drawing tips right here…

Which is the best value tablet for you?


Which is the best value? Which is the best tablet for a beginner?  How much do they cost? We analyse, take apart and review the market to give you an informed choice when you are thinking of buying a new tablet or upgrading to a new model.  Our reviews are honest, based on years of experience and give the best advice for you to make the right choice for your individual art talent.  See the graphics tablet article index…more

how- much-do-computer-art-pad-graphic-tablets-costHow much do drawing tablets cost and what do you get for your money?

We look at what is available across the price range from $50 – $2000 dollars.  There is a considerable range of graphics tablets with screens and we look at 5 different brands across the range at 5 different price ranges.  Whether you want a starter tablet or an all singing all dancing drawing pad this article shows what is available for all cartoonists at a price to suit you

Prismacolor-premier-soft-core-colored-pencilsCartoon and graphic artist equipment reviews & professional tips

Which are the best colored pencils and watercolor pencil sets on the market?  Is there any difference in quality? Which are the best artist pens for cartooning? Is it worth getting a drawing board for your design work?  How can you get ideas for cartoons easily and avoid ‘cartoonists block?

See our art equipment reviews and tips for the answers plus more right here… 

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4 Wacom Intuos graphics tablets with software included – a steal at under $100!


Four different packages with software included – ideal for beginners – See this fantastic offer right here…

craftsfinder-comAre you both arty and crafty? – if so take a look at our sister site with some great tips, reviews and examples of many different crafts that you can turn your artistic hand to


Wacom Cintiq 22HD Review – for professional digital artists

review wacom cintiq 22hdWe review the Wacom Cintiq 22HD which although not the top of the range in Wacom’s digital drawing technology is in our opinion the best in terms of value for money when considering size quality and drawing experience

Go to the review…

how-does-square-trade-workSquaretrade protection plans  

Are they worth taking out to cover your graphics drawing tablet?  We take an in depth look at what Amazons Squaretrade has to offer in case your dog decides to have a chew or your kids use the nice flat surface of the tab screen as a trampoline!!!

Read the Squaretrade review here…

wacom bamboo best graphics drawing tablet reviewsBest drawing Tablet Reviews – Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch Medium Graphics Tablet

We look at this tablet which is suitable for the beginner up to expert.  It is not overcomplicated, draws really well and has a number of features to make drawing direct onto your PC or Mac a pleasure.  The best thing is the price – it won’t break the bank!  Check out the review for more details…

COOL-STUFF-TO-DRAW-USING-MIND-MAPS10 simple steps to find great original cartoon ideas

If you have ever been stuck for an idea for a cartoon or you can’t think of an original idea.  We have a great and simple method of finding original cartoon ideas quickly to allow you to do what you do best – draw! So you will never suffer from cartoonists block again  More…

 Top 5 drawing pens


Are you struggling to find a really good pen to draw your cartoons?  See out pen review where five top drawing pens have been tried and tested to give you the best advice on which ones to use  More..

WINNIE-THE-WITCH-KORKY-PAULSo you want to be a cartoonist – the best job in the world

Have you got what it takes to become a professional cartoonist?.  We look at what the job entails and see some of the best cartoonists in the world who have made a career out of it.  You have to be very good at drawing and dedicated to be able to earn a crust! More…

Top 5 Graphics tablets for cartoonists.

We look at our top 5 tablets for entry level, bundle packs and by size to give you a great review on the latest products available More…

7 steps to becoming a walt disney animator7 steps to becoming a Walt Disney animator

We look at what it takes to make the final cut to get into the best animation studios in the world More…