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best watercolor pencils for artists - derwent

Best rated watercolor pencils for artists

Five different branded box sets of watercolor pencils which have a high rating on Amazon…[more]

7How to level any image using the Photoshop Ruler Tool


18-Inch-_-45cm-Flexible-CurveBendy Ruler tool to create perfect curves

How to create perfectly drawn curves with this simple but highly effective tool [more…]

abraham-lincoln-assassination-attempt-cartoonHow to Create Great Background Quickly with the Photoshop Blur Tool

Make an effective background with depth in around 15-20 minutes [more…]

thinking2How to Improve your as a cartoonist and make money [more..]

adult-coloring-books5 of the best online adult colouring books 

Five great adult colouring books – from a superb newly up to a million book New York Times no 1 seller listing! [more…]

WHAT-ARE-PHOTOSHOP-LAYERSWorking with ‘layers’ in photoshop

The layers pallet in any version of photoshop is a fantastic tool to create your artwork in different stages – I explain what layers can do and how it works in this fully illustrated guide [more…]

HUION-GT-220-SCREEN5 Best buy drawing tablets

Five great value graphics tablets across the range


review-lynda.comReview – the best video training resource on the internet for graphics software  [more…]

top-quality-gel-pens-60-pack-2Which are the best colored gel pen sets?

Gel pens are great for adult colouring books, scrapbooking, greetings cards and a whole bunch of other craft hobbies?  [more…]

US-Art-Supply-'Solid-Solana'-Adjustable-Wood-Desktop-EaselTable top easel review

Mobile and easy to set up – a table top easel can really help to keep your work stable and in line of sight while drawing painting and sketching [more…]

rustic-ridge-genuine-leather-pencil-roll5 pencil case wraps  for artists

Keep your pencils, pens and brushes in a portable case wrap – easy to carry and all at your fingertips.  [more…]

Lamy-calligraphy-set5 Top rated calligraphy pen sets

If you want to improve your lettering skills or looking to venture into calligraphy we have 5 top rated calligraphy pen sets under review [more…]

HOW TO SELL YOUR OWN CARTOON ARTWORKPresenting and packaging your own cartoon prints

The simple, professional and effective way to present and package your art [more…]

Litup-L18.86-W145 Top rated lighboxes 

Tracing and copying couldn’t be easier with a lightbox [more…]

wrapped-presentGreat gift ideas to buy for an artist

What to get for an artist for christmas, birthday or other gift?

Five great ideas! [more…]

Complete-Professional-Master-Airbrush-Multi-Purpose-Airbrushing-System5 top rated artists air brush and compressor sets available on the market for beginners.

Which is the best airbrush and compressor set to buy?  [more…]

Acrylic-paint-header-imageWhich are the best acrylic paint sets for artists?

We review Five highly rated acrylic paint sets [more…]

which-is-the-best-drawing-watercolor-paper-padsFAQ’s for Watercolor paper 

What is cold and hot press watercolor paper and what are the differences when painting on either type?  see the answers to these frequently asked questions and others [more…]

wacom-intuos-comic-graphics-tablet4 New Wacom intros basics with software bundle included 


alvin-plcl-1824-presentation-artists-portfolioArtwork Portfolios to give you the professional edge

Keeping your artwork in pristine condition and giving out a professional vibe to your customers is essential [more…]

canson-arches-block-cold-press5 of the best artists watercolor paper pads on the market [more…]

wacom-usb-extension-wifi-kitGraphics tablet solutions USB cable v Wireless

Tablets generally require a cable link or a wireless conversion kit – we look at both types


INTUOS-PEN-AND-TOUCH-TABLETGraphics tablet review – intuos pen and touch

One of the best off screen tablets on the market [more…]

how-does-square-trade-workSquareTrade – Amazons insurance protection for your electrical goods – but is it worth taking out?


colored-pencilsWhich are the best colored pencils for artists?

Is the quality of colored pencils really significant to artists? [more…]


martin-portable-art-studio-drawing-sketch-board5 highly rated desktop and portable drawing boards   


Huion-h610-pro-painting-drawing-pen-tabletBest available graphics drawing tablets under $100  [more…]

turcom-graphics-drawing-tablet-8-x-6-inchesLooking for a low cost tablet under $50?

5 highly rated low cost graphics drawing tablets [more…]

Huion-GT220-21.5'-Graphics tablet review – Huion GT- 220

Highly rated and quality ‘on screen’ tablet with a bargain price ticket for the screen size


BOOGIE-BOARDS-JOT-8.5Boogie boards – electronic notepads that make sure you never forget an idea!

Pocket sized electronic note/ sketch pads that can be used to capture ideas, lists and much more so you never forget an idea – some models can be linked to a pc or Mac [more…]

5 best external hard drives reviewIs your artwork fully backed up? – which external hard drive should you chose?


CINTIQ-24HDWacom Citiq range – the ‘Rolls Royce’ of graphics drawing tablets?


Yiynova digital graphics tablet artists glovesArtists gloves – the advantages when using a graphics drawing tablet   


what-is-the-best-drawing-tablet-for-beginners5  top graphics  tablets for beginners

We review five different top rated tablets suitable for beginners into digital art [more…]

How-much-does-a-Cintiq-22HD-costGraphics tablet review – Wacom Cintiq 22HD – best in the Wacom cintiq range?


LAMY-RED-NIB-ENDWhich is the best pencil for drawing and sketching? [more…]

Aaron Blaise Graphic ArtistAaron Blaise – one of the best graphic illustrators on the planet!  [more…]

chugging-alongDorian Spencer Davies – The Welsh Watercolor Wizard! [more…]

sticks-and-stones-treasure-chestSticks and Stones – turning riverbank sticks and stones into household artwork [more…]

rotring-art-pen-400-x-400-template-doodlumsArt equipment – the best cartoon pen review


WACOM CINTIQ 22 HD COMPUTER DRAWING PADWhat price will you pay for a  graphics tablets across a range of  different screen size and specification?  [more…]